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The Public Art Process 

Whether individually or in collaboration with another artist or design firm, my process is rooted in earthing the stories that should be told. 

My approach is organized by the "Five I's" Investigation, Inspiration, Interpretation, Implementation and Installation 


I seek to create an artwork that honors the future and its past. To create a work that will be bold, striking, eye-catching and engaging to all. A piece that is reflective to all who encounters it. Creating a timeless and complementary work that compliments nearby adjacencies and landmarks of the context for this site specific work. 


My background in art, the field of architecture, urban design and wayfinding are used collaboratively to create works that are experienced on approach, intimately and as you exit the space. Designing with various perspectives in consideration so that the experience is different from various points of ingress. 


Working with nationally known design firms and studio houses I have experience in creating public works that capture and convey the diversity, creativity and history of the areas in which they are incorporated and welcome and honor the communities in which they are displayed.

With each public art opportunity, community engagement is a method employed to work intimately with local organizations and stakeholders. This engagement helps to create a work that complimented team and community ties that help foster trust, crystalize the design and forge valuable relationships.


As public artist we have always been aware of the connection between architecture, nature and people. We have over 20 years collective experience in creating concepts for community and cultural centers, educational institutions, urban parks and public spaces. Our public works create an interplay between creative expression and education, and often stems from a historical basis whileremaining relevant and timeless. 

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